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Design, Simulate, Manufacturing and Control with SVSLER Advanced Engineering Techniques.

SVSLER specializes in the metal fabrications, Machines Design, Engineering, Consulting and Manufacturing Solutions “As a company, we completely understand the importance of a quality supply chain, knowing our business can only ever be as good as its suppliers We have always looked at client’s sheet metal work designs with an eye to the best method of production.

We carry products that improve the efficiency of your processes. Whether it's better cutting tools or technology, our high-performing solution helps increase productivity and constantly boost profits. Our purpose is to provide expertise and value based solutions for our partners/clients by using advanced engineering techniques.

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Metal Fabrication

You can expect unparalleled customer service and the highest quality fabrication. We specialize in manufacturing custom aluminum and steel frames, sheet metal fabrication and more.

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Machine & Machining parts

The most reliable, performance-driven and effective range of machine parts & have the fantastic ability of taking on great deals of complexity machine parts.

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We have a fully equipped design team to bring out products of high standard in quality & reliability. The design of Tools and Product are developed on CAD/CAM.

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Research on Machining

We design machine parts by utilizing its whole knowledge and experience in field of mechanical engineering and Validating the manufacturing processes and their limitations and strengths

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Better Technologies

The evolution of digital circuit technology, leadind to higher speeds and more reliability allowed the development of machine controllers adapted to new production system.

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Mechanical Works

We are the mechanical company that everyone can trust to provide high quality work and services. with lots of variation in it to ensure you get the best service and value for money.

We are a global leader in the machine tool industry with Quality, Time and Cost.

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Timely Delivery

We Are Passionate

Excellent Services

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Trusted Clients

Quality Products, Qualified Personnel with Value Added Precision Engineering.

Our business model is based on quality and customer satisfaction. We rely on a robust network of well-connected vendors to buy in volume and pass those savings on to our customers.

We do every job with precision, attention to detail and responsiveness to the client's needs. No matter how big or small your fabrication project is, you can rely on our services. We have designed and built quality processes that exceed industry standards.

Best Industry standards.

Backed By best Customer References

Fast, Qualified, & Experts

Emerging Tech Machines


Looking for a Reliable & Trustworthy Service you can count on

Why us?

One-stop solutions for diversified mechanical services.

If you are looking for a partner to help build your thought into reality we are here to help.we have a vast experience in the mechanical services and we pride ourselves in the ability to manufacture or fabricate a range of complex components and systems, whatever your project may involve.

We are best at Manufacturers and supplier of an extensive range of bearings, gears and mechanical components & services. Specialising in engineering solutions, gearbox repair, laser cutting and precision machining.


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Looking for Engineering Drawing, Conceptual Equipment, Project Design and Production Drawings with Machine Tool Parts/CNC Components, Assembly, Finishing and all types of fabrication.

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